Choosing Your Labour

Having a natural birth doesn’t mean choosing pain. There are a wide variety of natural comfort measures that can be employed. Women who choose natural childbirth realise that any artificial interruption in birthing, even for the best of intentions, adds risks.  Whenever we interfere with the normal process of birthing, we increase the risks to both the mother and her child. None of these natural techniques carry risks. However, the effective use of such techniques often requires diligent pre-labour practice. They are not a “quick fix”.  Mothers who choose natural childbirth willingly devote the necessary time to hone these skills and lessen the risks involved in choosing medicinal options.

Childbirth is the part of pregnancy nearly every single expectant mother panics about. They worry about things going wrong, caesarean sections, epidurals, gas and air reactions, episiotomies and all things related to the human about to emerge from the body. Natural labour is the obvious choice for all mothers but as nature goes, that isn’t always the way it goes. Ways to birth naturally fall into quite a list and hypnobirthing is usually on top of that list. This is the practice of controlling your breathing to control pain in active labour. Our fight or flight instincts are the first to go off when the body goes into labour and it’s natural to try and brace against and fight contractions. The thing is, the more you panic, the worse it feels and fighting natural instincts like that is not easy. Panic can lead to medical intervention of labour and for those fighting for a natural birth, this is not an option.

The female body is actually miraculous in that it can birth a child from start to finish by itself and the body knows exactly what to do. This is always a little difficult on the first baby as the body has never experienced the pain or the motions of childbirth before. Of course, you do get those labours that do go wrong and require medical intervention but if labour is going well there is no reason that you cannot do a natural birth with little to no medication. Breathing may sound too simple – you are probably reading this wondering how breathing is going to get something the size of a watermelon out of your body without too much pain. I didn’t say it wouldn’t be painful, but there are ways of minimising that pain that don’t include epidurals in the spine or diamorphine needles to the bottom.

Labour is painful, tiring and very messy and it doesn’t have to have out and out pain accompanied so a lot of first timers opt for epidurals so they can sleep through the contractions. Hypnobirthing courses at places such as can teach you how to release the fears and anxieties associated with labour. Everyone loves to give out gory horror stories about childbirth and it really doesn’t have to be a horror show.

Healthy Choices for Picky Eaters

Having a picky eater in the house is very difficult for a lot of parents. It’s frustrating and can be soul destroying to cook new meals for them to be binned because your three year old turned up their nose. Children have a massive resilience and if you give in and give them something they will eat other than the meal you cooked, they know they can win! It’s a battle of wills: children can’t starve themselves but that doesn’t mean we won’t panic thinking that they will. Instilling good eating habits in our children is paramount for setting them up to enjoy all types of food; especially fruit and vegetables but this can be difficult for the picky eater.

Many companies out there offer courses for healthy eating in children like and these are great and packed full of information. However, some children are plain picky, some have issues with food following an illness and some are just plain greedy guts and will eat everything in sight including all the good food. Like adults, children like junk foods. Sugar and fats are addictive and of course, children would sooner choose McDonalds or chocolate over actual nutritious meals. However, if they are taught from a young age that a balanced diet is the key to their nutrition, growth and survival it can make all the difference. Some children have an issue with mixing textures together which can be hard when a lot of food is made in sauces.


Lots of children see certain vegetables and immediately turn up their noses. Blending down vegetables into pasta or curry sauces is one of the oldest tricks in the book and it’s a trick that works! Picky eaters that refuse new veggies never need know about it. You really learn to appreciate how many lies your parents tell you after you become a parent yourself! If your kids refuse broccoli and carrots, over steaming and blending it into a pasta sauce can mean you get into them some excellent and vital nutrients and they never even know about it.

Fizzy drinks are something that are a definite no no on milk teeth. Just because the milk teeth fall out doesn’t mean you want their adult teeth to grow through decayed or full of cavities. You also don’t want them to become addicted to high fructose syrups, sugars and saturated fats which is a very real danger. Children with sugar addiction can have horrendous mood swings and awful reactions to certain E numbers in the foods. These can range from hyperactivity to general crashes in hormones which then leads onto actual withdrawal. Children cannot handle sugar in the same way that adults do, so having a treat limited to once or twice a week is better for them than every single day.


Having a balanced diet with fats, carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables along with fruit, will mean that children are retaining all the vitamins and nutrients that they need to successfully grow and have a lot of energy. Children are better equipped to tell you if they are full as opposed to adults who are able to ignore that full signal.






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Who can have the right to foster a child?

Not everyone can be a foster parent to a child in a foster agency. This is not about being choosy but you should have to know that there are things and parameters in order to become a parent. Parenthood is a fulfilling role that we can enjoy. Having a kid is not all about having joy. There are things that you should have to develop in yourself before you can be ready for parenthood. As a parent, we should be well motivated in understanding these vulnerable kids and help them to be able to live a normal life.

Our opportunity to care and live with the foster kids should be full of good memories and learning. Asfamily-4-posing-500px an adult, we have the opportunity to learn from them through constant engagement. You should examine yourself first if you have the skill to be a good parent to these kids. Self evaluation is necessary before you apply since this is not like a puppy that if you don’t want to, you can return to whoever gave you. Children have their emotions and this should not be taken for granted. Their sensitivity may alter their feelings and therefore it may affect them. Anyone can apply to be a foster parent. Whether you are single, married or in any status you are in, evaluator would not mind as long as you are ready to accept the responsibility of being a parent. If you want to have a foster child that will become a part of your family in a few months, you may check on


Since you are teaching your child to be independent, your evaluator will check on your environment at home and will take note of your spare room where you let your foster child stay and sleep. This is the most suitable environment for the kids wherein they can have the privacy and will be able to sleep well without disturbance. As a parent, you need to have a stable income for you to provide the needs of your foster child and be able to bring them to recreation and amusement parks. There are more elderly patients who are still fostering children. They are evaluated based on their health and condition if they can still be able to care for children. There is no gender qualification when you apply for fostering. As long as you can do the responsibilities of being a good parent, then maybe there is no question on becoming a parent.
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If you are longing for a foster child who will stay with you within a few months, you may check on You can give a chance to these kids to be able to enjoy a real home together with your family. The feeling of acceptance and to be loved is those of the expensive things that they wish to attain. We can give them a bit of our time everyday to make them feel that their existence is important and they deserve to be well respected and treated fairly all the time.


Materials Commonly Used in Cloth Diapers

Aside from choosing the right style for your baby, you should carefully select the materials they are made of because they are just as important as the style. Here are some of the most common materials used in reusable nappies.

Waterproof layers have a function that a lot of parents are thankful for. And just to state the obvious, it prevents the water or poop from leaking out and wetting and soiling whatever your baby is sitting or lying on. They are commonly made out of thermoplastic polyurethane or polyurethane laminate. How these layers are created are quite complex but there are two questions that you probably want to ask the manufacturer.

  • There are processes that use the more expensive thermal-only process which means they won’t be leaving any traces of solvents at all. But then there are some that use solvents which would leave traces in your home. So ask your manufacturer if they use solvent in the process of making these outer layers.Pocket-Collage
  • Is there formaldehyde in the water repellents that they use? It is normal for spray on water repellent to be used after the sewing has been done to make sure that the item retains it ability to absorb liquid. If they don’t, the holes made by pins during sewing will cause leaks. And you would not want that, would you? But you definitely want to avoid ones that contain formaldehyde because they are known to be carcinogens.

Next up are the absorbency layers. There are different materials used for this and there are some that use a combination of materials.


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  • Bamboo

It is highly absorbent and it also prevents any bacterial growth which makes it ideal for use in babies. Bamboos grow quickly though so there is no need to worry about damaging the ecology with the frequent use of bamboo fibers for inserts.

  • Cotton

It is a commonly used fabric based from plants. But take note that not all cottons are created equal. There are GMO cottons being used by the industry though to catch up with the demands. This can be harmful to the ecology and for your baby as well. You might want to check if the cotton used in your child’s diaper for organic certification.


  • Hemp

Hemp is another natural fiber that has resistance to bacterial growth. It is thin and it does not absorb as quickly as polyester or cotton. This is why hemp is often used in combination with another material when it comes to diapers.

  • Modal

Like bamboo, it is made from wood pulp but instead of bamboo, it is made from beech tree. The great things about this is it feels silky and they are also resistant to mineral build ups which is something that a lot of people are bothered with when washing with hard water.


  • Polyester

Also called as microfiber. They are pretty absorbent but they do lose this ability over time. It is commonly used in pocket diapers. It is not advisable to have it directly in contact with baby’s skin because it can be irritating.




The joys of being a Foster Carer

A lot of people might think that being a foster carer is quite a difficult task since you get to look after children of other people when you have your own children to look after. However, what people usually think is far away from what actual foster carers feel. There are many benefits one can get from being a foster carer. If you can see foster carers from fostering agencies in Kent like, you will see how happy they are and how being a foster carer adds more colors to their lives. There are many reasons why one should experience being a foster carer at least once in their lives. First is that you get to make a difference in the life of one child who is not related to you.The pride and happiness you get from taking care of a child can never be replaced with any other thing in the world especially if that child grows to be a good person through your care. Also, you get to meet a lot of people through the foster children and other foster carers. Also, you will feel good knowing you have done something good in your life by giving your time and effort to someone who needs it.


Children in foster homes are usually children who went through so much at their young ages like abuse, traumatic experiences and poverty. These are only a few of the many reasons why a lot of children end up being in foster homes. And we all know that not anyone, especially children, deserve to be treated like this. That is why it is good that there are always foster homes they can run to so that someone will still be able to take care and look after them. However, not all fostering agencies can accommodate all the children. That is why they really need foster carers to help them with this. Foster carers will be given income for the children so that they will not have to worry about financial issues. They will also be given assistance and help especially during the start of fostering so that they will be able to cope up with the task fast and easy. Foster parents will also undergo screenings and orientations to make sure that they are ready and can already be a foster carer for a child.


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All children in the world deserves to be a child, carefree and happy. Children should be allowed to run wherever they want to and be happy like all other children in the world. They do not deserve to be abused either physically, mentally, by poverty and etc. So if you feel like you want to do something meaningful in your life and want to help others, be a foster carer now and experience the happiness it give you. If you still have doubts whether you can be one, or still have other questions regarding the process or other stuff, you can always visit to ask questions regarding being a foster parent.



The Major Considerations Before Fostering

There are so many people who want to help children and they thing that one the best ways to help homeless children is by fostering them. Fostering is letting a child live in a person’s home. However, in adoption’s case, it is legal and cannot be reversed. To know more, you may visit

Now, let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of fostering

One of the advantages seen in fostering is it is less expensive compared to adoption. A lot of parents have smaller taxes due to the number of people inside a home. The process is also shorter compared to adoption. Moreover, the feeling is also good because you have provided a temporary home to a homeless child. Likewise you have given him or her needs that he or she has. Despite the advantages that were identified, fostering a child has its disadvantages too. For one, biological parents may change their minds and decide that they want to have their children back. This is one of the hurtful thoughts. Also, they may get reunited with their biological families and will still leave. And as for the child’s part, he or she may feel the extreme hurt and emotional damage because he might feel he is unwanted. So if you have finally decided, you may also check for more information about fostering.

So if you are thinking of fostering a child, there are several things that you should consider before making the final decision.


The first consideration before fostering is the foster parent’s family. In fostering, you will be adding another child inside your home. So it is important that if you have children, you know that they are cool with it and your husband is not hesitant about it. Fostering may also affect your biological child as he or she might not feel the same thing as before. Also you husband might think he works hard just to feed another member in the family. The different members of the family should be supportive at your decision of being a foster parent. Also, you should have the ability to know how to let go because being a foster parent.

The second consideration to make is the fact that fostering is not an easy task since you may be able to deal with difficult children. You should know on how to deal with different problems and different age groups. You should also know on how to discipline the child. In this case, talking and being open is the best way to be a foster parent.

Third, check your attitude towards children. Are you the type who is patient enough in dealing with children or you are the other way around.


Lastly, you should also consider about your personal life being messed up at times because you have to work closely with a social worker.

In summary, fostering a child has a lot of advantages and also disadvantages so you need to consider before deciding. To know more about fostering, check on